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Disk Drive Erasing Tool

Product features
Product composition
Product functions
Operating environment
How to display the manual
  About license, license activation
Steps to operation 
How to create a CD from an image file
Setting the boot environment on BIOS/UEFI
Restrictions on evaluation mode
About Erase Method

About Secure Erase/Sanitize
Standards of Disk Erasing  
Points to consider about erasing method/Recommended method
Operation of "Boot up Erase program"

Boot from CD/USB flash drive
Boot from Hard disk drive
Basic operation
Show current disk status
Erase disks
Verify/read check
Secure erase/Sanitize
Using "Network log"/ Trouble shootings
Using diagnose screen
Operation of "Windows Erase program"

Executing "Windows Erase program"
Erase disk
Check disk
Setting initial and fixed values using the command line
Using "Startup environment creation tool"  

Abstract of "Startup environment creation tool"
Executing "Startup environment creation tool"
Common options
Operation of "HDD boot"
Creating bootable "CD image" file
Setting bootable "USB flash drive"
Customizing/Setting data file
Customizing/setting by command line
Operation of "Utilities for administrator"

Executing "Utilities for administrator"
Operation of each function
Other information

Technical specifications
Time required to erase disk
Supported SCSI/RAID cards
Supported network interface cards
Release notes