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Composition of "GreenPepper PRO"

The erasing program of "Green Pepper PRO" consists of "Boot up Erase Program" that includes boot system (linux), and "Windows Erase Program" (gppro4.exe) that execute on Windows.
In addition, as tools that run on Windows, there are "Boot Environment Creation Tool"(gpset4.exe) that creates the startup environment (bootable CD image, bootable USB flash drive) of "Boot up Erase Program", and "Utility for Administrators"(gputil4.exe) that collects various tools that assist the operation of "Green Pepper PRO".

Erase with "Boot up Erase Program"

At first, use "Startup Environment Creation Tool"(gpset4.exe) to create bootable CD image, or set up bootable USB flash drive to erase HDD/SSD drives.

Set and configure the boot environment for HDD, CD, and USB flash drive with Widows "Startup Environment Creation Tool"(gpset4.exe). And then boot the PC with created CD, USB flash drive, configured HDD. 

*For the first time use for evaluation purposes, create a CD-R using "cd_eval.iso"(iso9660 cd image file) and boot your PC.
To burn CD-R from CD image file, see "How to create a CD from an image file (iso9660)".

Erase with "Windows Erase Program"

Run "Windows Erase Program"(gppro4.exe) on Windows and execute Erase.

* Windows system drive (usually C:) cannot be erased. Use the "Boot up Erase Program" to erase the Windows system drive.
* Basically, please use the "Boot up Erase Program" for the erase process. Use "Windows Erase Program" to erase connected external drives, memory cards, USB disks, etc.

Files included in the downloaded file

You can use the following programs, manuals, etc. by viewing with Explorer etc. in a Windows environment.

README.txt ・ ・ ・ Please read first. It can be displayed in Notepad.
release.txt ・ ・ ・ Product release note.
cd_eval.iso ・ ・ ・ Bootable CD image file for "Boot up erase program". For evaluation use only.                   

gppro4.exe ・ ・ ・ "Windows Erase Program"
gpset4.exe ・ ・ ・ "Startup Environment Creation Tool"
gputil4.exe ・ ・ ・ "Utility for Administrators"
* No installation process is required. You can click it directly to execute it.

gpdata.pac ・ ・ ・ Data file required by "Boot Environment Creation Tool"
gpdata.pac.net ・ ・ ・ Data file required by "Boot Environment Creation Tool"
gpdata.pac.nonet ・ ・ ・ Data file required by "Boot Environment Creation Tool"

[manual] folder
man_gppro.pdf ・ ・ ・ Manual (PDF version)
index.html ・ ・ ・ Manual (HTML version Menu)
* Other files/folders are html manual files

[other] folder
Other Documents, Tools

Details of each program

Erase Program

Description in this manual


Target Drive of Erase

Execution environment  

Where the execution log is saved

Boot up Erase Program
Boot from HDD/CD-ROM/USB flash drive

Automatically recognizes SATA/NVMe/eMMC/SCSI /SAS/RAID cards, etc. and erases them.

Secure erase/Sanitize erase can be executed.

/SAS/RAID Disk Drive.

Includes Windows system drive.
Erase program that includes boot up system (Linux OS)

* The OS installed on the hard disk is irrelevant.

2. USB flash drive
3. erased HDD
4. Network share (Windows/FTP)
Erase Program


Erase program executed on Windows OS.

Erase drives and partitions recognized by windows.
Windows system drives cannot be erased.

SATA, USB Drive, SCSI, Memory card, iSCSI, etc.


1.  Clipboard
2.  File
3.  erased HDD

Tool programs, data files

Description in this manual


Execution environment

Boot up Erase Program/ Utility
Utility menu, displayed by pressing ALT + F5 while executing "Boot up Erase Program",

Erase program/Utility that includes boot up system (Linux OS)
Startup Environment Creation Tool

Embedding the "Boot up Erase Program" into the hard disk,
or set to USB flash drive, or create bootable CD-ROM image.

Data for "Startup Environment Creation Tool"

Data file required for "Startup Environment Creation Tool" 
Utilities for Administrator

Various utilities to support the operation of "GreenPepper PRO"