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Abstract-> Operation Environment

Operationg environment of "GreenPepper PRO"

This product operates in the following environment.
* Even if the following conditions are met, it may not work. Please test before use.

Boot up Erase Program
Personal Computer Intel Architecture PC. (IBM PC/AT compatible, Windows PC)
BIOS/UEFI Legacy(BIOS)/UEFI bootable.
* Supports "Secure Boot" (some models do not support it)
* 32bit UEFI boot is supported only when 64bit CPU is installed
CPU Intel CPU and Other compatible CPU
* exclude clover trail(Atom Z2760,Z2520,Z2560,Z2580)
RAM reqiured UEFI boot
normal: 256MB network support: 256MB Wi-Fi supoort: 512MB
BIOS boot
notmal: 64MB network support: 256MB Wi-Fi support: 384MB
keyboard PS/2, USB
Mouse not supported
Display Can show VGA(640x480)
CD-ROM Drive Rirequired when booting from CD-ROM.
Can boot from CD-ROM.
Floppy disk drive Rirequired when saving Log to FD)
Internal/USB 1.44M(2HD) drive.
USB flash drive Rirequierd when booting from USB flash drive.
128MB or more.
PC should be support USB flash drive boot.

(required when saving Log to SUB flash drive)
The capacity required to save logs. 1KB or less per log.
Should be formatted by FAT/FAT32/exFat.
Hard diks drive
(target of Erase)
Supported disk interface is listed in "Supported SCSI/RAID cards "
2 Tera byte or over is supported.
4096 sector size (512 byte emulation) is supported.
(save Log)
(required whe saving Log to network share)
Supported network interface card is listed in "Supported network interface card"
10M/100M/1G/10G ethernet.

Windows Erase Program, Startup Environment Creation Tool,
Utilities for Administrator
Personal Computer PC that runs on following Windows version.
2016server/2019server/2022server (32bit/64bit)
RAM Enough for Windows to work
CD-ROM drive Required when reading Product CD-ROM
CD-R drive Required when creating a bootable CD or when providing the product via online download. You need a CD writing software that can write ISO9660 images. Since it is supported as standard on Windows 7/8/10, no writing software is required.
USB flash drive Required when creating a bootable USB flash drive.
(128MB or more)
Hard disk drive
(target of Erase)
Drives recognized by Windows.
HDD, MO, FD, Memory card, etc.

2 Tear byte or over is supported.
4096 sector size (512 byte emulation) is supported.
* Hardware, Windows driver support for 2T over recognition, and support for 4096 sector are required.