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Supported ATA/SCSI/SAS/RAID/NVMe/eMMC interface (PCI/PCIe)

* Basically, the model number of the chip is used instead of the product name. To confirm, you need to find out the chip model number of the interface.
* The table shows the corresponding product notation for each driver. We have not confirmed the operation.
* Even the ones listed in the table may not work due to firmware version, driver defect, hardware environment, version difference, etc.
* Please be sure to check the operation before purchasing.
* [32] is supported only in 32bit environment (mainly when BIOS started), and [64] is supported only in 64bit environment (mainly when UEFI started).
* The green ones were added after Ver4.5.0. The gray ones were deleted after Ver4.5.0.

Product name Interface Driver used
3ware 5xxx/6xxx PATA-RAID IDE 3w-xxxx
7xxx/8xxx PATA/SATA-RAID SATA 3w-xxxx
9xxx SATA-RAID, 9550sx,9650SE SATAII RAID
SATA 3w-9xxx
9750 SAS2/SATA-II SAS 3w-sas
Adaptec Themisto, Catapult, Tomcat, Callisto
AAC-RAID series
ASR-2020ZCR, ASR-2025ZCR, ASR-2130S, ASR-2230S, ASR-2240S
Legend S220,S230, 2120S, 2200S, 3230S, 3240S
SCSI aacraid
ASR-4005SAS,  ASR-4000, ASR-4800S, AS4805SAS, 
SRC 8x6G SAS, Series 7 6G SAS, Series 8 12G SAS, Series 9
SAS aacraid
ASR-2020SA, ASR-2025SA, ASR-2420SA, ASR-2620SA, ASR-2820SA
AAR-2610SA, AAR-2410SA, AAR-2810SA, AAR-21610SA  
SATA aacraid
ASC-29320/A/B/LP/ALP/LPE, ASC-39320/A/B/D, 
AIC-7901/A, AIC-7902/B
SCSI aic79xx
AHA-2940/U/W/UW/D/U2/U2W/U2B, AHA-2930CU/UW/U2, AHA-2904, AHA-294x, AHA-2950U2B, AHA-39xx,  AHA-3940/U/UW/W/AU/AUW/AUWD/UWD/U2x, AHA-3950U2B/U2x/U2D, AHA-3985, AHA-2944/W/UW, AHA-3944/U/W//UW/AUWD, AHA-4944W/UW, AHA-29160/C/N/LP, AHA-19160, AHA-3960D, AAA-131U2
AIC-7815, AIC-7810, AIC-7821, AIC-7850, AIC-7855, AIC-3860, AIC-1480, AIC-7860, AIC-7861, AIC-7870, AIC-7871, AIC-7872, AIC-7873, AIC-7874, AIC-7875, AIC-7875, AIC-7876, AIC-7880U, AIC-7890, AIC-7891, AIC-7895, AIC-7881U, AIC-7882U, AIC-7883U, AIC-7884U, AIC-7885, AIC-7886, AIC-788x, AIC-7888, AIC-7896, AIC-7896U2, AIC-7897U2,AIC-7892A/B/D/P, AIC-7899B/D/P
SCSI aic7xxx
SAS AIC-9410W, AIC-9405W 
SAS ASC-58300
SAS aic94xx
SCSI Adaptor (571E,571F) SCSI ipr
SAS Adapter (572A,572C,572B,572D,572F) SAS ipr
ServeRAID SCSI ips
1420SA, 1430SA SATA sata_mv
AAR-1210SA SATA sata_sil
ASC-1405 SAS mvsas
Series 9, PQI 12G SAS, QS-8204-8i, QS-8238-16i, QS-8236-16i,
QS-8240-24i, QS-8242-24i,
 SmartRAID 3162-8i /e, martRAID 3100, SmartRAID 3162-8i, SmartRAID 3154-24i, SmartRAID 3154-8i16e, SmartRAID 3154-8i8e, SmartRAID 3154-16i,
HBA 1100, HBA 1100-16i, HBA 1100-16i, HBA 1100-8i8e, |HBA 1100-24i, SmartHBA 2100, SmartHBA 2100A-8i,
SAS smartpqi
SmartHBA-SA(8i, 8e, 16i, 4i4e) SAS hpsa
PMC-Sierra PM8001, PM8018, PM8019 SAS pm80xx
Adaptec (ICP vortex) ICP9085LI, ICP5085BR, ICP5445AU,  SAS aacraid
ICP9024RO, ICP9014RO SCSI aacraid
ICP9047MA, ICP9087MA, ICP9067MA SATA aacraid
Advanced System ASC1100/1200/1300, ABP940-U, ABP940-UW, ABP940-U2W, ABP960-U, ABP3950-U3W SCSI advansys
ALi M5228, M5229 IDE pata_ali
ULi M5288 SATA(AHCI) SATA ahci
ALi M5281, ULi 5287, ULi 5289 SATA sata_uli
ALi M5281 SATA RAID SATA sata_via
AMD CS5536 IDE pata_cs5535
CS5536 IDE pata_cs5536
CS5536, AMD-755,756,766,768,2092,81111 IDE IDE pata_amd
Hudson IDE Controller IDE pata_atiixp
Hudson SATA Controller, CZ SATA, AMD ahci Controller SATA ahci
53c974 SCSI tmscsim
AMD sdhci Controller MMC sdhci_pci
AMI/LSI Logic MegaRAID 428, 434
MegaRAID 438, 466, 467
SCSI megaraid
Apple S1X, S3X NVMe nvme
Areca Technology ARC-1110, ARC-1120, ARC-1130, ARC-1160, ARC-1170, ARC-1200, ARC-1210, ARC-1220, ARC-1230, ARC-1231, ARC-1260, ARC-1680, ARC-1880, ARC-1203, ARC-12x4, ARC-1884 SATA arcmsr
ARC-1300ix-16, 1320 SAS mvsas
Artop Electronic ATP867 IDE pata_atp867x
ATP850UF, ATP860, ATP865  IDE pata_artop
AEC6710, AEC6712/UW/U/S/D/SUW, AEC67160/S, AEC16712 SCSI atp870u
ATP8620 SATA acard_ahci
ASMedia Technology ASM1060, ASM1061, ASM1062 SATA ahci
ATI Dual Channel BusMater IDE, 3xx PATA, SB400, SB600, SB700, SB800 IDE IDE pata_atiixp
SB600, SB700, SB800 SATA SATA ahci
436E,  IXP SB400 SATA SATA sata_sil
Atto Ultra320 SCSI SCSI mptspi
ExpressSAS R680,R608,R60F,R6F0,R644,R648 SAS esas2r
ExpressSAS H1280,H1208,H1244,H12F0,H120F,H1288 SAS pm80xx
Broadcom OSB4, OSB5, OSB6, BCM5785 IDE pata_serverworks
K2, RAIDCore RC4000, BCM5785 [HT1000], HT1100 SATA sata_svw
Brocade 400 FC mtpfc
415/815/41B/81B, 425/825/42B/82B,
804 8Gbps, 1860 16Gbps, 1867/1869 16Gbps
FC bfa
BusLogic BT-946C, Flashpoint LT SCSI BusLogic
CNEX LightNVM, 8800 series NVMe SSD NVMe nvme
Compaq Smart-2/P, Smart-2SL, Smart Array 221, 3100ES, 3200
(DEC) Smart Array 4200, 4250ES, 431
SCSI cpqarray
DEC NetRAID-4M, 5400S SCSI aacraid
Dell PowerEdge 2/SC, 2/DC,  SCSI megaraid
PowerEdge 4/DC, 4/SC, 4/Di, 4e/Si, 4e/Di
PowerEdge 3/QC, 3/SC, 3/DC, 4/QC
PowerEdge 1750
SCSI megaraid_mbox
CERC RAID ATA100/4CH IDE megaraid_mbox
PowerEdge 2, 320/DC, 2/Si
PowerEdge 2400, 2450, 4400
PowerEdge 3/Si, 3/DiV, 3/DiL, 3/Di, 3/DiJ, 3/DiD, 3/DiB
SCSI aacraid
CERC SATA 6ch SATA aacraid
PowerEdge PERC 5i, 6i SAS megaraid_sas
DPT(adaptec) SmartRAID V Controller SCSI dpt_i2o
SmartRAID V Controller SCSI i2o_block
PM2x24/PM3224, SmartCache/Raid I-IV SCSI eata
DTC Domex 536 SCSI dmx3191d
Domex DMX3194UP SCSI initio
Emulex LP6000, Proteus-X, Saturn, LP952, Thor, Helios, Zephyr, Neptune, Saturn-X, LP7000, LP8000, LP9000, LP9802, Thor-X, Viper, Herios-X, Zephyr-X, Saturn-X, Proteus-X, Helios-X, 
LightPulse 8Gb/s PCIe,  LPSe12002 EmulexSecure,
Lancer-X, LightPulse 16Gb, Lancer Gen6: LPe32000, LPe36000
FC lpfc
ENE Technology SD/MMC Card Reader Controller MMC sdhci_pci
Enmotus 8000 Storage SATA ahci
Future Domain TMC-18C30 SCSI fdomain
HGST Ultrastar SN100,SN200 Series NVMe SSD, NVMe NVMe nvme
HP(Compaq) Smart Array 5300, 5i, 532, 5312, 6i, 641, 642, 6400, 6400EM SCSI cciss
3Gb/s SAS RAID, P800, P400, P400i, E200i, E200, E500, P700m SAS cciss
P212, P410, P410i, P411,  P711m, 712m,  P812,  P230i, P430, P431, P731m, P830,  P830i, Generation 6, Generation 8 controlles, Generation 9 controlles
P240nr, H240nr, H244br, P246br, P430i, P840,
StorageWorks 1210m, P1224, P1228, P1224e, P1228e
SAS hpsa
NetRAID-1Si, NetRAID-3Si
MegaRAID 438, MegaRAID T5
SCSI megaraid
HighPoint HPT366/368/370/370A/372/372N IDE pata_hpt366
HPT366/368/370/370A/372/372A/372N/302/302N/371/371N/372N IDE pata_hpt3x2n
HPT366/368/370/370A/372/372A/372N/302/302N/371/371N/374 IDE pata_hpt37x
HPT343/345/346/363 IDE pata_hpt3x3
RocketRAID 3120, 3220, 3320
361x, 362x, 364x, 366x, 368x, 369x, 452x
SATA hptiop
RocketRAID 644L SATA ahci
RocketRAID 2710,2720,2721,2722,2740,2744 SAS mvsas
RocketRAID 1720, 1740, 1742, 230x, 2310 SATA sata_mv
IBM ServeRAID 8i, 8k/8k-l4, 8k/8k-l8 SAS aacraid
SCSI Adapter (2780,571B,571A) SCSI ipr
SAS Adapter (2CCA,2CD2,2CCD, 572E,572A,572C,572B,571D,574D,574E,57B1,57B2,57B3,
IPR SAS Adapter (ASIC)
SAS ipr
ServeRAID controller
II, 3H, 3L, 4H, 4M, 4L, 4Mx, 4Lx, 5i , 5i, 6M , 6i, 7t, 7k, 7M
SCSI ips
Flash Adapter 90 (PCIe2 0.9TB) PCIe rsxx
ICP Vortex(intel)

GDT Raid Controller

SCSI gdth
Initio INI-920, 935, 940, 950 SCSI initio
INI-A100U2W SCSI a100u2w
INI-1623 SATA sata_inic162x
Intel SCH IDE IDE pata_sch
82371FB IDE pata_oldpiix
82801, ICH4, ICH5, ICH6, ICH7, ICH8, 
6300ESB, 631xESB, 632xESB, 82371SB PIIX3, 82371AB/EB/MB PIIX4, 82440MX, 82372FB PIIX5, Virtual PC,
82801DBL (ICH4-L)
IDE ata_piix
430MX - 82371MX IDE pata_mpiix
ICH6, ICH7, ICH8, ICH9, ICH10,
631xESB, 632xESB, EP80579
5 Series, 3400 Series, Ibex Peak, 6 Series,
C600/X79 series, 7 Series, Panther Point, DH89xxCC, 
C2000, Wellsburg sSATA, Lynx Point-LP, 8 Series/C220,
9 Series
ValleyView, Coleto Creek, Wildcat Point-LP, Sunrise Point-LP, Sunrise Point-H, DNV AHCI, Lewisburg AHCI,
6,7,8 gen CPU AHCI, other AHCI
SATA ahci
ICH5, ICH6, ICH7, ICH8, ICH9, ICH10, 
6300ESB, 631xESB, 632xESB, EP80579, 3100, 5 Series, 
3400 Series, 6 Series, C600/X79 series, 7 Series
C2000, Wellsburg sSATA, DH89xxCC, Lynx Point-LP. 8  Series/C220, 9 Series,
SATA ata_piix
C600/X79 series, C602, C604/X79 series, C606, C608 SAS isci
80960RP (i960RP) SCSI megaraid
80960RP (i960RP) SCSI i2o_block
GD31244 SATA sata_vsc
Atom Z36xxx/Z37xxx SDIO, Atom E3800 eMMC,
Atom/Celeron/Pentium x5-E8000/J3xxx/N3xxx  N4200/N3350/E3900 MMC,  EG20T SDIO,
SD Host
MMC sdhci_pci
PCIe Data Center SSD, NVMe,
QEMU NVM Express,  600P, 7600p/760p/E, 6100p
NVMe nvme
ATA Generic IDE ata_generic
ITE IT8213 IDE pata_it8213
IT8211F, IT8212 IDE pata_it821x
JMicron Technology JMB362, AHCI Controller SATA ahci
PATA Controller IDE pata_jmicron
SD/MMC Host Controller MMC sdhci_pci
LSI Logic Integrated Smart Array, RAID LC2 SCSI cpqarray
MegaRAID SATA megaraid_mbox
MegaRAID SCSI megaraid_mbox
MagaRAID SAS 1078, 1078DE, 9240, 9260, Verde ZCR,
2208, SAS-3 3108, SAS-3 3008
SAS 2208, SAS3404, SAS3408, SAS3416, SAS3504, SAS3508, SAS3516,
SAS-3 3216/3224, SAS-3 3316, SAS-3 3324
SAS megaraid_sas
SAS1064, SAS4068, SAS1064ET, SAS1068E, SAS1078,
SAS mptsas
SAS2116, SAS2004, SAS2008, SAS2108, SAS2208,
SAS2308, SSS6200, SAS3108, SAS3004, SAS3008
SAS mpt2sas
SAS3216, SAS3224, SAS3316, SAS3324, SAS3408, SAS3416, SAS3508, SAS3516, SAS3616 SAS mpt3sas
[32]FC909, FC929, FC919, FC929X, FC919X, FC949X, FC939X, FC949ES FC mptfc
53c1030, 53c1035 SCSI mptspi
Marvell 88SE6440,MV64460/64461/64462, 9180, 9480, 88SE644
88SE9445, 88SE9480, 88SE9485
SAS mvsas
88SE6121, 88SE6414 SATA,
88SE9123, 88SE9125
88SE912x, 88SE9170, 88SE9172, 88SE9230
SATA ahci
88SE6101, 88SE6121, 88SE6145, 88SE912x IDE pata_marvell
MV88SX5040, MV88SX5041, MV88SX5080, MV88SX5081, MV88SX6041, 88SX6042, 88SX6042, MV88SX6081, 88SX7042 SATA sata_mv
OLPC Cafe Controller MMC sdhci_pci
Microchip Technology SLC90E66 IDE pata_efar
Micron Samurai_IDE IDE ata_generic
RealSSD P320h, P320m, P320s, P325m, P420h, P420m, P425m PCIe mtip32xx
Mylex DAC960P, DAC960PD, DAC960PG,
eXtremeRAID 2000/3000
AcceleRAID 352/170/160
nVidia CK804, CK8S, MCP04, MCP2A, MCP51, MCP55, MCP61, MCP65, MCP67, MCP73, MCP78S, nForce, nForce2, nForce3 IDE pata_amd
MCP65, MCP67, MCP73, MCP77, MCP7B, MCP78S, MCP79, MCP89, MCP SATA2
GeForce 7100/nForce 630i, GeForce 8200
SATA ahci
MCP04 , CK804, nForce2, nForce3, MCP51, MCP55, MCP61 SATA sata_nv
MCP89 SATA ata_generic
O2 Micro OZ600FJ1/OZ900FJ1, OZ600FJ0/OZ900FJ0/OZ600FJS,
OZ600RJ1/OZ900RJ1, OZ600RJ0/OZ900RJ0/OZ600RJS
MMC sdhci_pci
OCZ Technology MVSAS, RevoDrive 3 X2 PCI-Express SSD SAS mvsas
OPTi 82C558 IDE ata_generic
Pacific Digital ADMA-100 DiscStaQ IDE pdc_adma
QMaster Controller SATA sata_qstor
PMC-Sierra BR522x [PMC-Sierra maxRAID SAS Controller] SAS pmcraid
PM80xx, PM8009 SAS pm80xx
Promise PDC20246, PDC20263, PDC20262 (FastTrak66/Ultra66), PDC20265(FastTrak100 Lite/Ultra100), PDC20267 (FastTrak100/Ultra100),  IDE pata_pdc202xx_old
PDC20275, PDC20268 (Ultra100 TX2), PDC20269, PDC20276 (MBFastTrak133 Lite), PDC20270 (FastTrak100 LP/TX2/TX4), PDC20271 (FastTrak TX2000), PDC20277 (SBFastTrak133 Lite) IDE pata_pdc2027x
PDC20318 (SATA150 TX4), PDC20319 (FastTrak S150 TX4),
PDC20371 (FastTrak S150 TX2plus), PDC20378 (FastTrak 378/SATA 378), PDC20375 (SATA150 TX2plus), PDC20376 (FastTrak 376), PDC40719 [FastTrak TX4300/TX4310], PDC40519 (FastTrak TX4200), 20771 (FastTrak TX2300), PDC20571 (FastTrak TX2200), PDC20579 SATAII 150 IDE Controller, PDC40779 (SATA 300 779), PDC40718 (SATA 300 TX4), PDC20518/PDC40518 (SATAII 150 TX4), PDC40775 (SATA 300 TX2plus), PDC20575 (SATAII150 TX2plus), PDC20619 (FastTrak TX4000)
SATA sata_promise
PDC42819 [FastTrak TX2650/TX4650]
FastTrak TX8660
SATA ahci
PDC20621 [SATA150 SX4] SATA sata_sx4
80333 [SuperTrak EX4350][SuperTrak EX24350][SuperTrak EX8350/EX16350][SuperTrak EX12350][SuperTrak EX24350], 80331 [SuperTrak EX8300/EX16300], 8870(p3), 8871(p3) SATA stex
81384 [SuperTrak EX SAS and SATA RAID Controller], PM8010 [SuperTrak EX SAS and SATA 6G RAID Controller] SAS stex
QLogic ISP10160, ISP1020, ISP1080, ISP12160, ISP1240, ISP1280 SCSI qla1280
QLA2100, QLA200, QLA2300,
ISP2312, ISP2322, ISP2422, ISP2432, ISP2532, ISP2432M
SP232, SP202, SP212, ISP2714, ISP2722
FC qla2xxx
RDC R1010 IDE pata_it821x
1011, 1012 IDE pata_rdc
Realtek RTS5250 MMC sdhci_pci
Ricoh R5C822, R5C843 MMC/SD MMC sdhci_pci
Samsung Electronics Apple PCIe SSD, XP941 PCIe SSD, SM951 PCIe SSD SATA ahci
 172X,172Xa,172Xb NVMe nvme
  Universal Flash Storage Host controller UFS ufshcd_pci
Seagate Nytro Flash Storage NVMe nvme
SiliconImage PCI0643, PCI0646, PCI0648, PCI0649 IDE pata_cmd64x
PCI0680 IDE pata_sil680
PCI0640 IDE pata_cmd640
3112, 3114, 3512 SATA sata_sil
3132, 3124, 3531 SATA sata_sil24
SiS AHCI Controller SATA ahci
180, 182 SATA Controller SATA sata_sis
5513 [IDE] IDE pata_sis
sTec [64]S1120 PCIe Accelerator SSD PCIe skd
ST Microelectronics ST ConneXt SATA ahci
Symbios/LSI 53c810, 53c820, 53c825, 53c815, 53c810AP, 53c860, 53c1510, 53C896/897, 53c895, 53c885, 53c875, 53C1510, 53c895a, 53c875a, 53c1010, 53c875J SCSI sym53c8xx
Synopsys c202 MMC sdhci-pci
Tekram TRM-S1040 (DC395/DC315) SCSI dc395x
Toshiba America EX-IDE IDE ata_generic
United Microelectronics [UMC] UM8673F, UM8886BF, UM8886A IDE ata_generic
VIA VT82C576MV IDE ata_generic
VT82C586A/B/VT82C686/A/B/VT823x/A/C, CX700/VX700, VT82C576M/VT82C586, VT6410, VX800, VX855/VX875, 9000 IDE pata_via
VT8237A, VT6420 , VT6421, VT8251, VT6421, 9000 SATA sata_via
Vitesse VSC-7174 SATA sata_vsc
VMWare PVSCSI SCSI Controller SCSI vmw_pvscsi
WorkBit Ninja(0x8008,f008,f02c) IDE pata_ninja32

Supported eMMC interface (acpi)

* Basically, the model number of the chip is used instead of the product name. To confirm, you need to find out the chip model number of the interface.
* The table shows the corresponding product notation for each driver. We have not confirmed the operation.
* Even the ones listed in the table may not work due to firmware version, driver defect, hardware environment, version difference, etc.
* Please be sure to check the operation before purchasing.
* [32] is supported only in 32bit environment (mainly when BIOS started), and [64] is supported only in 64bit environment (mainly when UEFI started).
* The green ones were added after Ver4.5.0. The gray ones were deleted after Ver4.5.0.

Product name Interface Driver used
Intel SD Host controller (80860F14, 80860F16, 80865ACA, 80865AD0, INT33BB, INT33C6, INT3436, INT344D, PNP0D40) MMC sdhci-acpi
Qualcomm SD Host controller (QCOM8051, QCOM8052) MMC sdhci-acpi