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Product Functions

  • ●Disk Erase(Over Write), SecureErase/Sanitize (ATA,eMMC,NVMe  drive)
  • ●support IDE/SCSI/SATA/eMMC/NVMe/RAID/USB/IEE1394/Memory card
  • ●Non-tamperable logs can be saved on USB flash drive, HDD, and network share.
  • ●Assuming various corporate uses. Customized erasure programs can be distributed on the corporate network.
  • ●Supports various erasing scenes
  • ・Boot from CD-ROM/USB flash drive/HDD(UEFI,BIOS)
  • ・Erasure program on Windows

Abstract of "Green Pepper PRO"

Confidential information leaks from abandoned computer ...

This problem occurs because disk drives are discarded without being erased.
Even if you delete a file or format the disk drive, the data will not be completely erased.
"Green Pepper PRO" completely erase the contents of the disk drive and prevent confidential data from being leaked.

Supports Secure Erase / Sanitize of ATA disks (including SSD), eMMC drive, NVMe drive.

Supports following compliant method.
National Institute of Standards and Technology NIST SP 800-88, US Army Information Systems Security AR380-19, US Secretary of Defense DoD5220.22-M standards. 

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"Green Pepper PRO" has erased so many disk drives so far, since 2002.

"Green Pepper PRO" has been on sale for over 20 years since the release of Ver.1 in September 2002. We have gained a certain share of the Japanese erasing software market.
  From major corporate groups to individual customers, total of 10,000 over "Green Pepper FD" and "Green Pepper PRO" has been used for erasing disk drives.
They are license with unlimited number of erasures, so the number of disks actually erased is many times that number.

* Business office / corporate / group licenses are counted by converting to the number of one-license.
* This is an in-house developed product by "Kirara21".

Product Features

Developed as a standard disk erasing tool for implementing security policies in the enterprise

It is equipped with many functions that are intended for use within a company, such as operation methods, support for server systems, and log management.

●Establishment of a unified erasing method within the company, distribution of erasing programs from the system department
It is possible to specify / fix the method when distributing the erasing program in order to execute erasing by the unified erasing method within the company. In addition, in order to facilitate distribution on shared servers, intranets, etc., parameter specification by command line and ActiveX control for distribution are provided. 

●Copy-Free Company license
We provide a company license that can be used copy-free within the company. It frees you from managing the number of licenses and facilitates internal distribution.

●Support for many types of disk drives
It supports a wide range. PATA (PararelATA), SATA (SerialATA), NVMe disks, standard for desktops and notebook PCs. eMMCs used in tablets. SCSI, SAS, FC (Fibre Channel) used in server systems, and even RAID configuration disks. It also supports Secure Erase and Sanitize of ATA/SATA, SSD, NVMe, eMMC.

●High-speed, multitasking parallel processing
Due to the Linux-based system, disk access is very fast. In addition, the multitasking function erases multiple connected disks in parallel. It reduces the time of the very time-consuming erasing process.

●Supports various erasing methods, and Secure Erase / Sanitize
In addition to 1-4 erase method, it supports Secure Erase / Sanitize, which is almost indispensable for SSDs. It can be erased by a method that complies with the US Army compliant method (AR380-19), the US Department of Defense standard (DoD5220.22-M), the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST SP 800-88), etc. Moreover, in case of a read / write error, it retries finely for each sector and incorporates a control for more reliable erasing.

●Supports various boot methods
Supports CD boot, USB flash drive boot, and hard disk boot. You can choose the best startup method. In addition to the legacy BIOS boot, it supports UEFI (Secure Boot on many PC) boots.

●Log output that can be checked for tampering
Logs that are important as erasure records can be saved to the network (Windows share, FTP), HDD, USB flash drive, FD, etc. In addition, although the log is in an easy-to-use text format, it can be checked for tampering with a checksum.

●Support for writing logs to the network
An increasing number of companies are restricting the use of writable media such as USB flash drive due to security policies. With "Green Pepper PRO", by booting from a CD and writing logs to a network drive, it is possible to write important management logs to a network drive even in a read-only media environment. You can also centrally manage logs on the network server. In addition to onboard Ethernet, it also supports USB-LAN and wireless LAN.

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